Monday, October 5, 2015

Home Improvement and Mini Quilts

This week we tackled more small projects around the house along with continuing to unpack boxes.
We replaced a couple outlets.  This is an outlet/USB combination.  It fits into the outlet box replacing one of the outlets with two USB charging ports.  This is at my nightstand so I can have my lamp and charge two USB devices.  Pretty nifty.
The ceiling fan in Darling Husband's office stopped working about a week after we moved in.  Over the weekend we replaced it with this modern-looking fan.
Another great idea from IKEA is this drop table. We installed it in the laundry room so we would have a surface to sort and fold laundry.  We can move the basket out of the way and drop the table if we need more space in the laundry room and the table doesn't interfere with the baskets.
I also spent some time adding hanging sleeves to some of my mini quilts so I could hang them in my sewing studio.  I love being able to see all these minis in one place.  Two of these were received as part of swaps I participated in.  The others were made by me.

Do you have plans for around your house?  I would love to hear about your fun projects to make your space more comfortable or useful.

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