Monday, February 22, 2016

Bandana Cowl

I like small, one-ball, knitting projects that are easy to shove into a bag and take along. These are the projects that I work on during the 10-15 minutes it takes my husband to drive us to the super market. Or the 15 minutes one spends waiting for a haircut. Or the time one spends waiting for a doctor's appointment. Waiting for dinner to reach the table at as restaurant. All those little moments that can seem wasted.
I found this fun bandana cowl pattern on Ravelry and decided it might be a great way to use up a single ball of hand-painted that I had dyed a few years ago. The shape is interesting and the cowl works up quickly.
I plan on making the next one a little longer, maybe adding length to the garter top and bottom hems, too.
You can find the pattern, and other great things, at Purl Soho.

Have you discovered any quick, one-ball, knitting projects?

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