Friday, September 30, 2016

Travel Shawl Knitting

Whenever I go on a trip I usually start a new project. It is nice to have something new to work on when I sit down to wait for my flight. I am also relatively sure I won't finish the project until after I return so I won't be left without some hand-work to keep me busy on the flights.
I grabbed my ball of Esopus from Jill Draper Makes Stuff and got knitting. I didn't want too much thinking with my travel so I decided a simple, asymmetrical crescent might be nice. I didn't use a pattern for this one as I've been trying new things with shawl shaping.
I made pretty good progress on the outbound leg of my trip.
This is a coordinating skein of yarn I picked up at Happy Knits while I was in Portland. Good thing, too, as I finished up the ball of Esopus before I got home.
I'm still working on this one and am continuing to try new things when it comes to shawl shaping. I hope this works out. (Forgive the less than perfect focus. There were bumps on the gravel road we were traveling down when I took this picture.)
What's next? Well, I did pick up Stephen West's new book Best Knits from Fibre Space. I love that it included a code to download the e-book through Ravelry. I love that! I've already used the e-book to print myself the pattern instructions so I don't have to carry around the book with my next project. I wish every paper book came with a copy of the e-book.

What's next? So many things! I am so tempted to join Stephen West's next mystery knit along. I enjoyed the last one and I do enjoy knitting his shawls.

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