Friday, March 17, 2017

A Friday Summary

I had some time to accomplish more things and it seems I've squandered some of it. This will be a quick post to give you a bunch of quick updates on several of my projects.
I pieced clue number two of the mystery quilt the Baltimore Modern Quilt guild is running this year. Sure, it doesn't look like much, but I'm excited that there was sewing in this clue and not more cutting.
I started another holiday print quilt using a stack of charm squares that has been in my collection for what seems like forever. Working with fabrics I already own instead of buying new fabric just seems like such a great plan. This fabric is Countdown to Christmas from Moda.
I caked this yarn so it would be ready for a project when I get the crazy urge to cast on a new project. This is the yarn I received as part of the FibreShare that I participated in last year.
And I cast on Marled Magic Mystery Shawl Knit Along by Stephen West. Sure, I don't need another shawl or another project, but I had to join in on this one. I'm using a self-striping yarn to give me the same effect one could get with color changes but with so much less weaving in!

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  1. Love the "rainbowish" look when using the selfstriping yarn.


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