Monday, March 6, 2017

Catching Up

Last week I blocked my latest Dotted Rays Shawl. You can also see my first attempt at sewing up Hawthorn from Colette Patterns. That is still a work in progress and will get a post of its own when I get around to finishing it.
I pieced a charity quilt for Annapolis Quilts for Kids. If you're local and you want to help out with this wonderful group you should check them out. They'll give you a pre-cut kit to sew a quilt top. Great for individuals that want to learn to make quilts, all sorts of crafty people, and clubs looking for a community project.
The daffodils in my front garden decided it was close enough to spring no matter what that groundhog said.
I loaded up project number 9 on my UFO challenge list and got quilting. It will be covered with a collection of swirls in many sizes. Finishing things is more satisfying than starting them.
I made it through the first clue of the Hale-Bopp Mystery Knit Along. I'm not terribly behind on this one, but I don't see myself catching up any time soon. Clue number three has been released and I've made it to clue number two.
DH and I tried something new this week. I heard about spatchcocking from Megan (The Bitchy Stitcher) and I had to try it out with this Cornish hen. It worked out great and shaved more than a couple minutes off the cooking time of this tiny bird. They say it works with birds of all sizes.

Have you tried any new techniques or tools for cooking or crafting? I would love to hear about your experience.

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