Friday, March 3, 2017

Crochet Experiment: Dragonfly Wing

Remember when I shared this project? that was before I found a giant knot part-way through the ball of yarn. Now, if it had been a simple knot that kept the ombre color-change going I would have just kept right on crocheting. Sadly, that isn't what happened. That knot took me from the darkest color (near the top of this piece) to the lightest color in the ombre- not even seen in this sample. This is Shawl in a Ball from Lion Brand Yarn. I was sad, but I did learn an important lesson: always re-wind your ombre yarn before starting your project (I had something similar happen to another ball of ombre yarn last year). I ripped out all this work, rewound both sections of yarn, and took a chunk out of the middle so I could get the color to flow as cleanly as possible from one to another. (I did fill out the form on their website to let them know about my issue. It has been more than a week and I still have not heard from them.)
I started again and the join is almost unnoticeable now that I have done all that extra work, and had to leave out a few grams of yarn.
This is an attempt to make a specific shape shawl. I couldn't find any that were this diamond shape when I looked through some of the hundreds on Ravelry. Plenty of triangle shawls, and rectangular shawls, but none that were somewhat like an elongated diamond. The shape of a dragonfly wing. If I can pull it off, I'll make sure to write up the pattern to share. Right now it is simple double crochet. I wanted to let the yarn do the work of making it shine. I may decide it needs fancy stitches the next time.

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