Thursday, February 27, 2014

Big Bold Update for Thursday

I finished up the quilting today. So glad it is finally done. I love the overall effect of the quilting. When I get some good light, I will share some pictures.
I thought the binding was so pretty I had to take a picture before I attached it.  I love scrappy binding.  To be fair, I love scrappy everything.
It was kind of a monster when it came to attaching the binding. I got it all stitched on. I am likely overly happy about the entire thing. Hopefully, the next time you see this quilt it will be done. That might take a while, though. I intend to finish the binding by hand. 


  1. Wonderful! Sewing on the binding can take awhile, but the satisfaction of finally finishing a quilt is great!

  2. I concur with the beauty of a scrappy binding. Sometimes I make longer binding than needed just to add to my scrap binding roll. Tacking it down by hand provides me with a sense of closure needed after working through the entire process. Congratulations on the finish!


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