Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pretty as a Peacock

Yesterday at the monthly meeting of the Annapolis Quilts for Kids, Ellen pieced up this fun quilt that Janet cut out.  Today, I pieced the backing and got quilting.  I used this opportunity to do some different things.  I split up the quilting space totally by random and then just did different things in each area.  By random, I mean that the areas are set apart by wavy, organic lines and these areas are filled in with swirls, lines, bouncing arcs, some McTavishing and even some pebbles.  I finished off the edges in parallel lines using my ruler (after I found it, because I cannot be trusted to put my own tools away).
I pieced the backing so because I was concerned it wouldn't make it, or it would be really tight.  I added way more than I needed, but I think it came out just fine.  I even machine-finished the binding so I can move on to the next project. 
Here is a close-up look at some of the stitching.  Again, I used some Magnifico from Superior Threads for the top thread.  The results this thread gives still makes me happy.  I'll have to continue to expand my library of colors.


  1. Your quilting has turned this pretty to into something extraordinary! I love the element of the straight lines along the edges. Great job, Rebecca!

  2. Fun colors, but the quilting is beautiful. I love the pattern choices and the color of thread choice, it stands out, but not to much!

  3. Your quilting looks great! Nice job - looks like a great project!

  4. Your quilting is awesome! Love it!


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