Friday, February 7, 2014

What's in a name?

As I sat down Thursday night to create my label for another finished quilt, I decided to write a post about the not-so-humble quilt label.
The embroidery machine makes quick work of the label.
Bonnie over at Quiltville shared this great story about a quilt top that got lost while going from one guild member to another in a round-robin.  Thankfully, the label helped it find its way home.
Sometimes the label is part of the front of the quilt like this one on the border.
I shared the story on Facebook and my dear cousin was kind enough to leave a comment on my link.

"I love that your info is on my kiddos quilts. It makes me sad and a bit nostalgic when I look at the dates. The babies aren't babies anymore. But their quilts have followed them from birth to sick nights, to preschool and road trips. So yes, labeling is important, if not for the quilter but for the receiver."

A quilt label is something that not only tells people who made the quilt, it also tells a story.  
Who was it made for?  What was the occasion?  When was it made?  Where was it made?  Who made it?  Don't keep these things to yourself.  
Another quilt finished!
You want the quilt to be able to speak for itself.  Let that quilt tell its story!


  1. I tell the entire story by stitching the info on the binding.
    Who it was made for. Where they live. What occasion. The date it was made. Who made it and where they live. The last binding I made had this info: "Made with love for Jane & John Smith of Somewhere, CA for their 65th anniversary by their neice Sue Someone of Nowhere, CA January 2014". I know it's s lot of information but to me it is important that it all be included. I use the options on my machine and embroider it on the binding so that it will be positioned on the side of the back.

  2. I think I've only ever labelled one quilt I've made -- but then again, I've only started five and finished three that were not made on behalf of my community quilting group!


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