Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Big Bold Update for Tuesday

I loaded up the Big Bold on the big long arm frame.  Since have a full-time job, the quilting of this one will take a while to get done. 
I doodled and doodled until I found the design I wanted to do.  I separated the quilt into four distinct quilting areas:  the outer border and the middle border, the narrow inner border, the solid stacks of blocks and the prints.  Each of these has its own quilting motif.
I took these pictures before I ran out of light, so I didn't get good pictures of all of these zones.  I'm using Superior Threads Fantastico for the top thread and Omni for the bottom thread.  Both are performing wonderfully, as I expected.
Here you can see the bubbles in the narrow border and the swirls that dominate the solid areas of the blocks.  The prints have a big flower with more swirls thrown in as filler and to act as the leaves.  Since this will be a bed quilt, I'm not going too crazy with the quilting.  I want to keep in soft.  Although, cotton batting (I'm using Warm & Natural) stays pretty soft no matter what you do.


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  2. great start to a great finish!

  3. Love the brights and blues, what a great color combination! And the quilting is stunning :-)

  4. Stoppin by from WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.. I love this

  5. Pretty! I can tell why you liked the chair I posted on G+ - you love fun fabrics! I have long-arm envy!

  6. Oh, yeah - you should grab the bloglovin' button for your sidebar - I really like it to replace my old google reader! Happy Sewing Sunday!


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