Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Bold Update

First, let me apologize for the quality of the pictures.  These were taken at night, in my sewing room, with my iPad.  Yes, I know, that is no real excuse.  In truth, the pictures are pretty awesome even for all that.  The lighting up here is amazing!  I should know.  I paid the nice handymen to install it. 

Anyways...  Here is the update for my Big & Bold quilt.  This one is intended for my queen-size bed.  It is a pattern I drafted myself with the help of Electric Quilt 7.  I really like how easy this software makes my life.  Okay, it won't make coffee, but it is helpful.

The three blue fabrics were matched up to create this kind of wandering path through the big, bold prints that bring all the real fun to this quilt.  I will likely get held up for days trying to figure out how to quilt this monster.  Tomorrow I will try to get the three borders stitched on.  I'm usually not a big one for borders, but I wanted to widen this one without adding another column of blocks, which would have made the layout look weird.

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  1. Hey Becca--I'm visiting through the Sew and Sow blog where she is having 5 days of 5 giveaways! Love your scrappy quilt. Good idea to plan it in EQ. My computer died and I can't find my original EQ5 disc to install my upgrades 6 and 7 on the new laptop--I'm having designing withdrawal--haha!


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