Thursday, May 29, 2014

Computerized Quilting

I loaded up this charity quilt and let QBOT do the heavy lifting.
This simple design seemed appropriate for this quilt.  I didn't have the time to get in there and do some custom quilting, so I let the computer take over and did an all-over/edge-to-edge design.
Some might think this means I can just set it up and walk away, but let me tell you that it just isn't true.  While the computer may be doing the guiding of the machine, you still have to be available to correct problems with tension and things that may go wrong.  I used the time to finish cleaning up my little Kenmore 76 and getting it back into its cabinet.
The quilting design isn't very prominent on the front.  On the back you can see the rows of leaves.
This quilt is about 55" by 55" so the back was pieced.  I know I could have saved myself some time by only putting in one back seam, but I wanted it to be a little niceer than that.
All that remains is to get the binding attached.


  1. Love it. I have been debating adding QBot to my system for a while now but just haven't taken the plunge. If it can free my hands just a small amount of time it would be worth it to me.
    Beautiful job!

  2. Love the panto, Becca. What a sweet little quilt! Good luck with your binding.

  3. great choice for the quilting, I think it works great with the quilt.


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