Monday, May 26, 2014

Vintage Revival: Singer Spartan

My newest vintage find is this darling little Singer Spartan.
I'm in the process of cleaning her up, though she was very well cared for throughout her long life.
This is a 3/4 size machine.
While I don't have a featherweight machine to compare to, I can tell you that this machine is anything but light.  It does live up to the name of Spartan, though.
No light, no fancy scroll-work, just a beautiful black finish and an even more beautiful stitch are packed into this little package.
Overall, this machine is in great shape.
According to the gentleman I bought it from, his aunt sewed with it as recently as last year.  It was definitely well cared for.
There are some cosmetic issues, but this is the only thing that might affect function or safety.

I think these are a late addition to support the weight of the machine as the little tabs of the case broke off.
The bakelite case is chipped and the supports inside really weren't designed to hold up this machine's considerable weight for as long as they have.
No fancy scroll-work here.  Just simple functionality.
Everything worked smoothly when I went to see the machine, now that I've got some oil on all the moving bits everything just glides.

When I get the rest cleaned up and put back together, I'll share some pictures of her stitches.

I found some great information about this little machine over at Old Sewing Gear.

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  1. Nice find! Very cool that you keep coming across these lovely machines. :)


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