Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday: Ugly Shirt #1, Copying the pattern

My Darling Husband, asked me to make him a shirt.  Joe, over at Seam Ripper Joe and his Sewing Machine, said he would be using this pattern from Kwik Sew, and it fit in with the kind of sewing I like to do and would meet DH's idea of fun.
DH gave me one of his other shirts, so I could compare it to the pattern before I started tracing.
I did some comparing and decided to go with the XL.
Her is Rita (my dressform) sporting the sample ugly shirt.
I have a couple tablets of 1" grid paper from Staples.  It is perfect for tracing patterns.  The lines help me keep everything lined up while I'm tracing.  I only had to piece a little bit to get all the pattern pieces traced out.  I went with view B on the pattern.
I cut out all the pieces in preparation of laying out and cutting my fabrics.

If you want a great walk-through on making this shirt, I recommend you check out Joe's blog.

Next Wednesday, I'll post the next steps for this shirt.  I'm going to attempt to keep up with regular posts.  No promises, but I will try.

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  1. Thank you Rebecca for the kind words. This shirt was really easy to sew together and I love the fit. Can't wait to see pic's of yours all finished ; )


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