Monday, September 1, 2014

Green Faerie Shrug and an Elder God

A friend of mine shared a link to this great tutorial and pattern from Choly Knight for making a tiny, stuffed Elder God.  I couldn't resist.  While out and about on my Sunday morning, I picked up some sewing patterns and my Darling Husband helped me pick out a couple pieces of fleece from the remnant bin.
That looks like an awful lot of fabric for a stuffie, I know.  We'll come back to the Elder One later.  These two remnants cost me about $6.50 and were more than enough to make the stuffie and a sweater.  I picked up a copy of Simplicity's new pattern number 1293 for $1.99.  It is similar to a design created by TPF Faerie Wear.  I love the designs TPF Faerie Wear puts out but they don't offer patterns.  I really recommend you check out TPF Faerie Wear's Etsy Shop.  Great stuff and way more stuff than just this simple shrug.
Step one was to trace the pattern and make some minor modifications.  I changed the shape of the lower edge of the back of the shrug.  I didn't like the point as I knew it would kind of a pain to finish.
This is the original hood pattern.  I really don't like how it looks on the pattern envelope.  I had to change it.
I kept the bottom edge and the front edge but added a point to the back and a back seam.  This shape is so much nicer to my eye and gives that "pixie" look.  This might be the beginning of a new hooded cowl, too.  We'll let the idea float around for a while.
I traced the sleeve twice so I could make a tapered sleeve.  While I like the look of the bell sleeve I don't like how the cuff gets snagged on things while I'm working.  I went with the bell sleeve for the first mock-up, though.
Easy pattern with only the four pieces.
I cut this quickly with my rotary cutter.  I don't cut fleece with scissors anymore unless I have to.
I followed the instructions for the basic construction except for anywhere I had modified the pattern (like the hood).
I think if I make this one again, I will try doing the majority of the work on the serger.  I think it will make construction quicker and cleaner.
I used a piece of black fleece for the binding.  I didn't have enough bias tape in a suitable color so I improvised.  The binding is just black fleece cut width of fabric so it is plenty stretchy for binding those curves.
The point on the hood curls a little when the hood is down.  Not a problem, just hides it a little.
Here is the shape of the hood.  I like it but I may make it more pronounced.  I haven't decided.

Changes I will make...

  • I will change the construction order so I can attach the sleeve before competing the sleeve and underarm seams.  setting in a sleeve isn't hard, I just don't like to do it if I don't have to.
  • I will shift from construction with the sewing machine to the serger for a different finish.  
  • I will narrow the binding strips the next time.  I cut strips at 2" wide and it was just too much.  I'm sure using the serger to attache the binding will change that width even more.

Oh!  You wanted to see the Elder God.  I almost forgot.
I think I need an army of these.  In blues and purples and even black!  Isn't it just darling!


  1. That's really super cute, and thanks for the heads up. I need to go pick up that pattern now!

  2. Your Elder God is very cute, but surprisingly for me, I think your shrug is even cuter, I love it.


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