Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scrap Happens: The binding.

I've been continuing my work on the Scrappy Stars quilt that I talked about in my last post.
This star challenged me a little.  I love how it turned out!  Whatever you do, don't look at the back.  I built up some thread in spots and it isn't half as pretty on the back as it is on the front.
I finished all the quilting on Thursday.  I'm really pleased with how this has finished up.
I decided this diagonal print would be the perfect binding.
I think I fought with this one under the needle for the better part of an hour to get the binding attached and finished.
I usually use a scrappy binding on my scrappy quilts but I really like this print and I'm so glad I decided to go for it.

Sadly, I finished too late on Friday evening to get a picture of the entire quilt.  I'll try to get some pictures over the weekend so I can put this one soundly in the finished pile.  This quilt is destined for our bed in the travel trailer.

What is your favorite fabric for making binding?  Polka dots?  Stripes?  Chevrons?  Share!


  1. Excellent quilting on the star. You really do some beautiful work Becca.

  2. Lovely! I really enjoy scrappy quilts. They are so much fun ad tell so many stories. Nice finish! :)


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