Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thread Thursday: Superior Threads and a Secret

At some point I will run out of room to store all this thread.  Let's hope I can keep the dream alive a little longer.
Another fun package from Superior Threads.  My August Magnifico Thread of the Month club shipment.  I added a couple of the Daily Deals to the shipment.  More pre-wound bobbins filled with Bottom Line, a color of Magnifico I didn't have yet and a cone of So Fine!

After I wrote my list of 10 Quilty Little Secrets I realized I had more to say.  Some of that was left over from the culling I did for my post but some were added to my list after I posted.  I'm going to add them to the end of some of these really short posts in an effort to be more interesting.  I'm not promising anything, though.

Another Quilty Little Secret:  I hate it when people with about 20 followers use the anti-bot thing on their blog.  Do you have a real problem with spammers?  I have walked away from a blog without commenting because of that thing.  I've had my blog for years (over 440 posts as of today) and while I'm not overly popular (41 followers as of this writing) I have only ever had two spam posts..  On the same post.  On the same day.  Both were captured by Blogger and never bothered any follower and only bothered me a little bit.  

(Sorry, that one was really more about blogging than about quilting.)

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  1. oh how i hate the capttcha. Like seriously, hate. I get extra annoyed when the stupid thing doesn't work and I have to "listen" to random voices trying to say letter. I usually give up and run away too.

    I have a wordpress blog with very little in the way of anti-spam features. I do get a few pammers here and there, but new commenters are not auto-approved and sit in a queue waiting for me to give them the OK. When I have a few minutes, I go through and dump any of them that are spam from my database. It really isn't that big of a deal and worth my time to save any one that wants to say something from jumping through hoops.

    Good for you! :)


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