Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tool Tip Tuesday: Sharp Waste

I've read how some people keep track of their sharps.  Those sharp tools like rotary blades and hand and machine needles that we throw away.  I had been wrapping them in masking tape and decided I needed a sturdier solution.
Tuesday's Tool Tip:  Use an old plastic container to store your sharps in until it's full.  This plastic container came with lunch meat inside.  I was done with the smoked turkey so here is my repurposed container for sharps.  Just a few quick steps to a safer way to dispose of sharp things.
For medical sharps my county recommends:  "To safely dispose of such sharps, the Department of Health recommends placing them into a widemouthed metal or heavy plastic container with a secure lid such as a coffee can."  I used my old rotary blade to cut a slit in the top of the lid.  Nothing fancy.  Just a slit big enough that I could get the rotary blade into the slot without trouble.
Even though I'll be keeping these in a container, I'm still going to wrap the blade in masking tape.  I don't like handling them very much because I know how dangerous they can be.  
Once I've got it stuck to the tape I just roll it up.  
Easy to slip into the slot.
Sure, I don't need the label, but I wanted to make sure there was no mistake about what was inside.  I taped the lid on to make sure it didn't fall off.  Now I can easily store my used rotary blades and needles.

How do you store your sharp waste?

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