Monday, September 8, 2014

In The Mail Monday: Amazon Lottery

My Darling Husband says you can't win at the Amazon game unless you play.
I filled up that cart a couple times and this is what happened.  I won the Amazon lottery!
I received these fun things to add to my ruler infatuation, my collection of gadgets and to my growing collection of quilting books.  The Creative Grids ruler was to replace my fading 6" x 24" ruler.  The Accuquilt Go! mat is because I've been using the 5" charm die so much my other mat wore out.  The Angela Walters book is because I can't resist a book from Angela.  

Tomorrow I'll talk about the Grabbit!  

I'll have to give myself some time to read through the book before I give you my review of it.  From the little bit I've paged through it, I think this one needs to be converted to comb binding so I can leave it opened up near the long arm.  

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  1. Amazon lottery? Things you ordered all came on the same day? or Is there a way to win things from Amazon?


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