Monday, September 15, 2014

In The Mail Monday: Quilt Talk

DISCLAIMER:  I received this book on Saturday but I still posted it under Mail Monday.  I was too busy looking through it, finishing up quilting and going to guild to post about it on a Saturday!

During the August meeting of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild The Bitchy Stitcher mentioned Sam Hunter's new book Quilt Talk.  Even though I'm not a super fan of paper piecing, I decided to check it out.  I ordered the book directly from Hunter's Design Studio.  I could go into a long dissertation on why you should buy quilt books from the writer or I can just let you read about it from Sam's point of view.  My recommendation is going to be to buy directly from the author whenever you can so she can continue to write more quilt books.
I haven't really sat down to read the book but my leafing through it has shown me that I'm going to need to make a quilt with something to say.  I'm not sure that that's going to be, but I'll figure it out.  Promise!
The bonus of buying the book directly from the author is that you get great service and a personalized inscription.  Definitely worth the couple bucks!  My hand was cramping up just thinking of having to sign a stack of books.

Have you bought yourself any new quilting books lately?  Are you making your holiday wish-list?  I know I am.  I just wasn't waiting for this one.

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