Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Singer Spartan - 1962

I decided to finish up the work on this darling little Singer Spartan.  (I think I spent more time getting that little slide plate onto the spring than I spent doing anything else.)
The only thing I hadn't done was remove the bobbin case and clean under it and the feed dogs.  I'm glad I didn't skip this step.  I found more a than a few dust bunnies had made their home under there.  I've learned so much about the 66/99 machines through my willingness to do a little bit of homework and to take things apart.  These machines are brilliantly designed.
Here is the serial number for this little Spartan.  According to she is a 99K, from September 11, 1962.  She sews beautifully!
I picked this machine up locally through a Craig's List ad.  It was a great transaction for a wonderfully maintained machine.  I may have paid a bit of a premium on this one, but I got an amazing machine for an amazing price.  You couldn't get a comparable machine for $75 in a chain store.
The Spartans didn't come with lamps, so I had to add a stand lamp.  (I'll share more about the lamp next week.)  I sewed up all the blocks for clue #5 of Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt on this machine.  Every stitch was beautiful.

Don't think this 3/4 machine is light.  I haven't put her on a scale, but I will say she isn't light.  I've read on the internet that she weighs in around 26lbs.  I should go find my scale.

Do you have a vintage machine that you love?

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