Friday, January 1, 2016

Stitching Up a Super Tote

I've never quite figured out how to install a long zipper in the top of a tote bag. I decided it was time to figure it out and Noodle-head was having a sale on patterns. I picked up two patterns. The first was the Caravan Tote & Pouch and the second was the Super Tote.
I picked up this fun fabric from Spool sometime last year, or maybe the year before... That isn't important for this post. I knew exactly who I would be making for if not the specific project when I bought it. Now that I had the fabric and the pattern I was ready to get to work.
This bag has many parts and almost all of them are interfaced. Since I made this bag completely from quilting cottons I interfaced some of the lining pieces as well to give it more structure.
I found the pattern very easy to follow with detailed instructions. I did make a practice bag before I cut into this fabric. Because I had a very limited amount of the fabric, I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what I was cutting before I started. It also helped me decide where I needed to add more interfacing. I often will make a practice item of a pattern. This is true of bags and sometimes clothing. I want to make sure I will succeed.
I changed the way I attached the zipper to fit more with my own work-flow and to ensure accuracy because I always have a little difficulty with zippers. I've just learned how to do it more accurately with how I work. I also modified the zipper tabs because I used a wider zipper. I love the double-pull zipper for large projects! Zipper available from ZipIt on Etsy. I really like the strap construction method and I know it would be easy to modify to create a piping look with a small modification.
I did a little detail stitching. These little details really make a difference in the final project.
This was a great project and the resulting bag was a resounding success! I gifted the bag on the 25th.

I've been listening to past episodes from the Crafty Planner and Modern Sewciety.

Do you make a practice project before getting to the project?

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  1. Thank you for the tips. I love this pattern and now have time to make one, so I am starting with a practice bag for me to use and knock around.


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