Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blooming Butterflies!

I am what you might call a quilt pusher.  I pick up kits from Annapolis Quilts for Kids and push them on my friends.  The hope is that they will be as excited about making quilts for kids as I am.
Messy bubbles for the outer border.
Sometimes this works and I get back a quilt top ready to be loaded and quilted. Since I love quilting, this works out for just about everyone.  (Everyone?  Yes.  Me, the eager quilter that will sew anything, Quilts for Kids and Superior Threads.  That's just about everyone.)
I sent this one off as a kit in a gallon plastic bag.  I got back a playful top.
The back of the quilt really shows the texture of the quilting.
I spent entirely too much time trying to figure out how to quilt this one.  Ultimately, I put bubbles in the outer border, some wavy lines in the inner border and this big flower design over the face of the quilt.  I wanted the butterflies to have somewhere to land.

My goal for this year?  Find a sewing friend that likes to finish up binding.  Then I will be unstoppable!

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  1. Hey Becca, I would love to help with the binding. Crazily enough it's my favorite step in quilting.


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