Friday, January 17, 2014

I am in Love with Thread!

I am in love with Superior Threads.
That might be an exaggeration.  It also might not be.  I ordered some Magnifico from them in the "try-me" spools.  500 yard spools in colors picked by them.  You get a price break if you don't care what color you get.  Since I like to have variety, this is just fine with me.  I used a couple of the spools when quilting a couple Quilts for Kids quilts and I love everything about this thread.  The shine is wonderful, it doesn't break, even under the high-speed conditions of the long-arm and it is pretty.  This might not be my go-to thread if I want the thread to really blend, but for stitches you should see it is Magnifico!

In this box I have the "try-me" special of Magnifico in cone-size.  I think the colors I got are wonderful.  I can definitely use them all.  I might not have picked up the silver one for myself, but I'll wager I will really like it on the surface of a quilt.

Hiding in there among the Magnific, are a couple spools of Fantastico, a variegated polyester.  I'll admit, it was on sale and I can't pass up a sale. 

I also picked up five spools of the "try-me" of MasterPiece, a cotton piecing thread.  I haven't tried it, but I love the bright colors.  With the "try-me" I'm paying less than I would pay for polyester thread locally at a chain store.

Finally, I've got a 5-pack of Bottom Line, which is a polyester thread.  I have some of this on cones, but was curious how well the pre-wound bobbins would work with my Empress.  I'll have to get back with you on that.  Besides, a pre-wound bobbin for $1 didn't seem like a terrible thing to me. 

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  1. those magnifico cones will work well for your binding to control it...


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