Thursday, January 16, 2014


I picked up the Riley Blake Challenge fabric months ago.  I stacked the prints up with this 1 yard cut of solid olive-green from my stash.  I still haven't decided if this is the direction I want to go.  I also picked out an amazing red/orange that will go nicely.  I'd better figure it out though, the challenge won't be around forever.


  1. I thought about an olive green solid too but my color consultant (husband) was skeptical. I picked up some bright orange at the guild when someone cleared out their stash last year and that found it's way into the pile along with a few other RB fabrics from the LQS. Good luck! Look forward to seeing it next month!

    1. I'm reassured that I haven't gone completely off the deep end with this unconventional color-choice. I haven't finalized it, though.

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  2. I really like the olive green! I didn't think to try that. I am using more of the very dark gray in the fabric pack we received for my background, with some orange and turquoise for splash.


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