Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Original Sewing and Quilt Expo Baltimore 2014, Day 2 (Friday)

I stiched up all these HST blocks for my split 9-patch.  You can see how these simple blocks go together over on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville.  
This challenge is from last year, but I wanted to make the blocks.  It just so happens I have a selection of reds and blues and enough tone-on-tone lights that I figured I would give it a try.
On Friday, I cut them all apart, pressed them all and trimmed some of them.  The rest had to wait until Saturday morning.  Even crazy quilt ladies need their sleep.

I signed up to help with classes at the Expo.  This was part of the "cost" of having a booth for my guild.  I just took tickets for classes.  That meant I got to stay for the class, so it was something new for me.  I realized I've never taken a quilting class.  EVER.  Don't worry, I still haven't.  These two classes were just lectures, which was great, but no quilting involved.  
As I was getting ready to head down to the classroom, I slipped my foot into my shoes and this happened.  I nearly cried.  I sat down with needle and thread, and got stitching.  Hand-work on leather is no picnic.  I managed to get the strap stitched down.  I'll have to take the shoes to a real cobbler soon.  The heel-caps are about done-for anyway. 
Here are the two small, sad stacks of trimmed HST blocks.  This quilt requires about... 300 of them.  I must have lost my mind.


  1. lol, I always feel like I've lost my mind when I start projects that didnt seem so big until they were. :) I bet it is going to be something awesome when you finish!

    I took all sorts of quilting classes when the Sewing and Quilting Expo came though last year. I dont think I'll do it again this year. I'm getting to the point I need to just do! Anymore inspiration and I might go bonkers. :)

    Hope you saw some great things!

  2. Fixing your own shoe, is that a sign of a real Quilter? Too busy sewing to buy new ones or much rather spend the money on more fabric!


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