Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tiny Pets

The amazing people over at Urban Threads have created another amazing design pack that I had to have.  This isn't a tutorial, but just an overview of what I did today.
First, I hooped up some fabrics for kitty ears.  Everyone likes cats!  While the tutorial recommended some fuzzy fabric, I just grabbed the fuzziest fleece I could find in about... oh, 20 seconds.

Since the hoop was big enough to make two sets in a single hooping, that is exactly what happened.
The ears are small and leave you a huge seam allowance for making sure they get caught into the main body.
This is an easy project that happens almost entirely in the hoop, which is great fun.
Here is my first, very flat, kitty.  I don't know that brown was my best choice.  It was the easiest, though.  I have stacks and stacks of fleece bits to choose from.
I picked a tan for the second kitty, because tan kitties with brown points are just cute.  While the second one would stitch out, I would turn and stuff the first one.  The machine is so much better at the assembly line work, but I still finished four today.

I also made up a pair of puppies.  One black and white, the other tan and white.  I think I have good homes for all of these.  Next time, I'm going to try different colors and not be so traditional.  I think a little name stitched onto the back would be fun, too. 

Check out the great tutorial Urban Threads wrote.  I love their stuff and this one was a wonderful addition to my growing embroidery library.


  1. What a terrific little project, I am sure your tiny pets will find a loving home :)

  2. What a fun project! I did not even know that embroidery machines could make things like this, thanks for sharing.

  3. Your cats and bunnies are all sew cute! It would be fun to see some in pink, purple, blue... A lineup of rainbow pets! They look like a lot of fun to make!

  4. Puppies!!?? You didn't show the puppies?? these are so cute, I can just see them made with outlandish print fabrics! LeeAnna Paylor lapaylor.blogspot.com

  5. Thank you for making me smile. They are adorable.


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