Saturday, March 29, 2014

Iron Lady, beginnings

First, let me say I'm sorry about the lighting. Second, this is why I have been so quiet the last week.
I have been scouring the Internet, doing my homework, shopping for supplies and picking up my first treadle.
Her birthday was October 29th, 1919.  Born in Elizabeth, NJ.
I have my work cut out for me. I'm looking forward to cleaning her up, replacing the belt and stitching. I'll take pictures along the way to document. This is my first, so I hope I don't muck up too badly.

Have you ever refinished an Iron Lady? Do you have a treadle at home? Is she collecting dust or do you take her for an occasional Sunday spin?

Links to the other parts.


  1. Lovely machine! I always love reading posts about cleaning up old machines like this, and especially figuring out how old they are. So fun! Good luck! -Brittany

  2. I have a Singer Red Eye, too! They are so fun to clean up and use.


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