Sunday, November 9, 2014

Vintage Revival: Model 66 - Introduction

A few weeks ago I picked up this cute little Model 66 through Craig's List.  Nothing fancy, but the perfect thing for a friend that wants a more reliable machine.  This won't be a quick clean-up as this will be the first time I'm working on electrical things.  I'm up for the challenge.
It came in the Model 56 cabinet.  A little fancier than some, but still a small cabinet.  No bench came with this one.  I'm sure the stools get lost along the way with these machines.

This one needs some care.  I'm not sure if I can get it perfect, but better will be better.
This machine dates to December 18, 1952.
Poor thing had so much dust on it.
The first step is to get the machine head out of the cabinet and onto the worktable.
Time for cleaning and rewiring and more cleaning.  This will be a fun one.

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