Saturday, December 27, 2014

Aunt Betty Strikes Again!

Have you heard of my Aunt Betty?
Professor Pincushion made this great video that you should totally check out!
Let's just say that I have my very own Aunt Betty.  She loves to give me fabric, books, sewing machines, thread, and other things that she no longer needs, wants or has room for.  Sometimes I find new homes for these things, sometimes I fill my shelves with books and fabric.  I will not discourage my Aunt Betty.  She supports my habit as surely as she supports her own.  Last week I received these two bags of unwanted fabric.
To be completely honest, this fabric came from a completely new Aunt Betty.  It seems I'm beginning to gain a certain reputation in my local community.  All of these wonderful fabrics came to me from a friend that is trying to clean out things so she can work more efficiently.  I totally understand how having too much fabric can be overwhelming.  That's why I try to make it into things and send it out the door as quickly as possible.  
I won't be hoarding this fabric.  I've already got plans for some of it.  I want as much of it to go to good homes as possible.  Stay tuned to learn more about where some of this fabric is headed.

Do you have an Aunt Betty?

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  1. Becca! I miss seeing your face and comments... are you mad at me? I am hopeless with google plus following and haven't been leaving comments, reading with my ipad more. Glad to see you're busy and dealing with fabric like I am. Re organizing the studio...again.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color


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