Monday, December 29, 2014

Mystery Quilting - Clue #5

This is the fifth post about my adventure in mystery quilting.  Go to Bonnie's blog to learn more about this fun mystery quilt.  It's time for another update to show you where I'm at and to link up with the rest of the quilters participating this year.  You can go back and check out my work on Clue #1Clue #2Clue #3 and Clue #4 from the last few weeks.
This clue was a quick one.  I think Bonnie was trying to give us all a little bit of time to decompress after the holiday and for some to play catch-up.   
Here are all of my other mystery quilt units stuffed into one project box.  I don't think I'll be able to squeeze clue #5 in there!

There is quite a bit of speculation going on about how many more square inches of quilt are left to piece and if the next clue will be the big reveal.  Still plenty of sewing left to do after the next clue!

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  1. You have been busy! The only step I've completed is #5. I really like the colors you chose.

  2. You have a really great color scheme! We have to be close to the end of the mystery I think?

  3. I love your colors, that bright green and red, wow it is going to be awesome.

  4. i really like your color scheme. We HAVE to be getting close now...

  5. Love your colors, especially the red.


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