Thursday, December 4, 2014

Merry - A Curvy Quilt

Last week I shared my holiday quilt made with the Quick Curve Ruler and Curve It Up pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful.
I managed to get in a couple fair days to quilt the monster quilt.  The quilt isn't that big, but bigger than I can get onto my smaller frame.  I only bought two things on Black Friday.  One of them was the Easy Angle ruler and the other was the batting for this quilt.  I buy natural batting by the roll so I needed to pick up some white for this quilt.  I think white batting really makes a difference when making a quilt with a white background.

WARNING:  This post will have many photos so I can share all the quilting.
Before I could get to the quilting I had to make the label.  I found the perfect font and the perfect design for a background for the label.  The snowflake design is from Urban Threads Embroidery.  I love so many of their designs.  I think it is their secret plan get all my money.
I attached the label before quilting so it would really be a permanent fixture.  Sometimes I embroider the label directly onto the backing, but this backing was so busy I thought it might get lost without being on a label.
I wanted to just quilt this one with an all-over design but once I got it on the frame the quilt had other ideas.  Each block ended up with some custom quilting.
The majority of the quilt is finished with a simple meander but the little bits of different quilting give it a different feel.
This is where I started to get away from the plain meander.  I just wanted some different texture.
I quilted the outer border with red and the majority of the blocks were also quilted in red.
Background quilted with white.  I think this one is my favorite.  This is the only block with gold thread for the quilting.
The meander did get plenty of time.
I think this block is so much better with the different quilting.
I got totally carried away with this one.  Maybe this one is my favorite!  This is one with some green quilting thread.
The center of this one turned out much nicer than the other one.
Some of the magic of quilting is what you don't quilt.  I really like this one.  This used some more of the green.
Tiny loops got used here, not that they show up in this photo.  Before I finished with the red thread I managed to empty a cone.  It was only a 1000 yard cone, but it was very pleasing to know that I'd emptied it.
Overall I'm really pleased with this quilt.  I'll get the quilt trimmed and bound and post some better pictures and some of the whole quilt.  I still have too much holiday fabric, but at least now it all fits in one small-ish box.  Maybe I should make another one to use up some more of that fabric.

Finished size:  60" by 96" (approximate)

Do you have fabric that sneaks into your house?  I do.

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