Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mystery Quilting - Clue #2

Last week I shared about my adventure in mystery quilting.  Go to Bonnie's post to learn more about this fun quilt mystery.  It's time for another update to show you where I'm at and to link up with the rest of the quilters participating this year.
This is where my post left off last week.  
I managed to work through that bin of pieces and ended up with 98 finished blocks and this.  Somehow two extra black squares had made their way into my bin and I used them leaving those two brown pieces lonely and afraid.  I rarely rip.  I mean that, too.  I would rather make an entire new block than to rip most of the time.  In this case, though, I made an exception.  I decided that ripping five inches of stitches was totally worth it to not have to make two more half-square triangle blocks.  
Clue one was finished up before Friday but not by much.  Then clue #2 was published on Friday.  It wasn't easy being at work all day thinking about the clue and the fun I would have when I got home.  I made it, but it wasn't easy.
For clue #2 Bonnie provided three different directions for how to make the block.  I looked at the different directions and decided that the one that used the Easy Angle ruler was the one I wanted to go with.  This meant I needed to print out the template she provided.  Since my printer went mad -- and refused to do anything -- I had to make my own template.  I started from the size the half block should finish at (2.5" by 4.5") and drew out my template and added seam allowances.  Then trimmed along the cutting line for the center diamond.
Then I used Bonnie's instructions to tape my template to back of my Easy Angle ruler.  I only have the 4.5" Easy Angle, so it was a very exacting fit.  From here I made a couple test blocks using some holiday prints I had handy.  (More about that holiday quilt later in the week).  With my test blocks done, I was ready to get cutting.
And boy did I cut.   This is what six hundred tiny quilt pieces looks like all lined up.  It took me over two hours to cut all these and I'm pretty quick with my rotary cutter.  To learn more about this ruler you should check out some of Bonnie's tips.
When I had pieced the halves of the block I used my Tucker Wing Clipper to trim the dog ears and make sure the halves were the right size.  I think my blocks would have been a disaster if I hadn't done this step.  Trimming block pieces to make sure they are accurate really makes a difference.  Is it an extra step?  Hells yes.  Is it worth it to stay away from the seam ripper?  Even more hells yes!
I did have more than a little bit of sliver trimming to do, which was totally fine with me.  My critic Waldo waded through the trimmings with a disgusted look.
I worked through most of Sunday to get all of these pieced.  I didn't need to trim them at all once the two halves were together.  
Not every seam is perfection.  I'm okay with that.  Why?  Because my goal is to learn some new techniques and to make a quilt.  I'm not going to lose sight of either of those goals by worrying about every seam.  I've got better things to do with my time.  Like make more quilts!
When I was done with that I put all of clue one and clue two into my bin to save for next week.  I'm going to need a bigger bin!

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  1. Love your sense of humor! I'm with you...I hate ripping and will avoid it. In fact, my boo boo squares, I save. Who knows, I might make a faux pas quilt sometime.

  2. Love your colours so far! The green, black and white look so fresh.

  3. Lovely colours. Glad to see that others are ok with a bit unperfection. Waiting for clue 3 tomorrow.

  4. Loving your fun fabric choices. You're doing a great ob. Have fun! :D


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