Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Craft is Art Coloring Contest

Urban Threads recently announced a coloring contest and offered up a free machine (and hand) embroidery design. I wanted to get started quickly, so I picked up this simple tote from a local chain craft store.
The first step was to rip open the side seams and press it flat. This is one of the only times you'll see my seam ripper. I'm not a fan of ripping anything. When I sew this back up it will be so much better than the quality of the stitching it was made with.
Next was to get my fabric stabilized and the embroidery design stitched. This was the first time I used the biggest embroidery hoop I have for my machine. I usually use the medium hoop (6" by 9" hoop). I stitched it out at the largest size, 6.85" by 9.02".
Stitched out and ready to color. Now I just have to find my fabric markers. Or the crayons. Got to be around here somewhere.
I found my big bag of Sharpies and got to work.
I threaded the serger and stitched it back into a tote. This turned out so awesome! I love this piece.

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