Friday, April 29, 2016

Udaberri Mystery Knit Along

I caked up this handpainted Stroll from Knit Picks to start a new project.
Isn't it pretty in a pretty cake?
I've jumped onto the Udaberri MKAL hosted by Ardilanak on Ravelry.
I love learning new ways to shape knit fabric and this one promised to do that. And to teach me not to be afraid of lace. These lace panels are simple but that doesn't mean it has been smooth sailing. I must have unknit that second lace section twice before I got it right. Remember, the lifeline is your friend! (Learn how to use a lifeline with this video.)
I've been asked how I manage to get so much knitting done. It's easy. You knit at every opportunity. This is knitting at Sunday breakfast between the coffee and the meal. I also knit a couple rows on the ride to our breakfast spot and home. Don't lose those little moments. Remember, you can talk and knit. Unless you're turning the heel on a sock. Then you should focus on the knitting.

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