Monday, April 18, 2016

Tool Tip: Ruler Storage

I am a ruler addict. This means that I will buy specialty rulers just because it does something new. This doesn't mean that I don't already have a ruler that does the trick, just that it is another new ruler.
This means I have many rulers. I've been storing my rulers on the lower shelf of my cutting table. It wasn't elegant and it didn't make it easy to find the ruler I was looking for.
I thought a file folder holder might be the right way to go. I picked up this simple one at the local office supply store. I picked this one because I was sure it would fit on the shelf and the price-point was pretty low. I also picked the metal one instead of one of the plastic holders because it just seemed more suited to the task.
I tested it out and it seemed to fit the bill. I wonder how I ended up with two of those large Tucker Trimmers?
Then I put it on the shelf, only to learn that the large Tucker Trimmers didn't fit on the holder on the shelf. Not a big deal since all the others fit fine. I just fit them in between the holder and the shelf. This will make it so much easier to find the ruler I'm looking for.

Have you found any good organizational tools for your sewing room?

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