Monday, April 4, 2016

Shake Down

Due to our move last year we didn't get a chance to go camping. This year, we're going to try to put the Jay Flight to good use and go hang out in the woods. This past Friday we picked up the camper from storage and headed to a nearby KOA. You can't test everything unless you really test everything.
We took our furry kids with us. This is challenging all by itself. We have a fully fenced back yard, so we rarely put them on leashes. This makes for a level of excitement nearly unheard of when we do go places. They do love to go with us. So many new things to see and smell!
I took along my Vertices Unite project. I made it through section two and got a little bit of a start on section three.
When we made the bed, I was reminded how much I love this scrappy quilt. Darling Husband still thinks it is weird that the big star isn't in the middle of the quilt. Even when I tell him "it's modern!"

We only stayed one night as the weather predicted on Sunday included winds up to 40mph and we weren't really excited about towing in that kind of weather if we didn't have to.

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