Saturday, December 31, 2016

31-Day Blog Writing Challenge Conclusion

This post was supposed to be my year in review. This post was supposed to be my plans for 2017. This post is the last day of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge and it has been a journey.

The 31-Day Blog Writing Challenge was hosted by Cheryl Sleboda over at In my first post I covered some things I wanted to accomplish during the month of December. I think I accomplished most of them. 
I finished the Virus Shawl and just waiting to be blocked. Winter means it takes a little longer for knit and crochet projects to block so I like to have the opportunity to block them for about 24 hours. This means I need to not be walking around in the studio for 24 hours. Not going to happen when I have quilting, sewing and other fun things going on. Maybe after my winter break.
I did not find the time or inspiration to draft the pattern for my super-sized tote. It's still on my list of things to do.
My Smooth Move shawl is done. Way over-sized and all manner of awesome.
I wanted to finish two more charity quilts for Annapolis Quilts For Kids. I think I managed to finish six!
Clue number six of the 2016 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt En Provence was just released yesterday. I am caught up to clue number 5 of the mystery quilt. This project has taught me some new tools and I'm sure I'll be able to add them into other projects. 

I hope you accomplished your December goals and are ready to set new goals for the new year. See you when I go back to my 3-times a week posting. I'm don't know that I could maintain this every-day pace for much longer. 

Day 31 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge.

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