Monday, December 26, 2016

Mending Isn't for Fun

I don't mend. I consider my sewing a hobby, a way to unwind, to be creative, not something I do because someone asks me to and I happen to have the skills. This means I don't mend, hem pants, or make things with the "friends and family" discount (meaning free). I will mend, but only for three people. Me. Darling Husband. Our one-and-only offspring (this doesn't happen much after they grow up and move away).
When DH brought up a pair of pants with the button holding on by only a few strands I figured I would have to do some mending after all. Pants have to be worn. (Pants are often considered a silly social convention that we rebel against at home. Ask any toddler and they will let you know how sensible pants are.)
Sewing on a button is quick job and it doesn't take much skill. I was surprised to learn a few years ago that there are grown people that have never learned how to sew on a button. I did offer to teach them, though. Often I would rather teach someone how to do a thing than to do it myself. I won't always be here, after all.
Because he likes to challenge me, DH brought me this one. The button had gotten caught on something and been torn away and lost. (You know all those buttons at the end of the shirt front, the extras? Yeah, DH usually needs those.)
Some scrap fabric, some fusible web (not unlike my quilt fix from last week), and some stay-stitching for the edges, and it was serviceable again. This is one of DH's comfy shirts, so what it looks like isn't as important as the button being there. The dark blue, striped, work shirt was a simple fix with nothing more important than sewing one of those extra buttons on. DH was pleased and I think I'm done mending for the year.

Day 26 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge.

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