Friday, December 23, 2016

Charity Quilt Racing

I have a few boxes of scraps and leftovers from some of the charity quilts I've made. I try to uses these leftovers to get a couple more quilts out of the fabrics that have been donated to Annapolis Quilts for Kids.
This time I used some of those leftovers to make the jelly-roll race quilt kid-sized. Sixteen and a half 2.5" strips by WOF, sewn end to end (I join mine at 45 degrees), and then constructed as Jenny shows in her great video tutorial. I trim and add a border made up of four 2.5" strips. This makes a quilt that comes in just about right for a Quilts for Kids quilt.
I quilted it up and bound it with some leftover 2.5" strips. After trimming, I had a couple more 2.5" strips of the backing fabric and some squares. These will find new life in another quilt, too.

2016 Charity Quilt Count: 51

Day 23 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge.

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