Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tool Tip Tuesday: Temporary Hanging Sleeve

I wanted to hang up a quilt to take a good photograph. While the weather didn't support me with a nice sunny day, I did make a quick-to-attach hanging sleeve for the photograph and wanted to share the process.
I grabbed this piece of leftover muslin and ripped it to a good size. Tearing, while it damages the fibers of the fabric, can be a quick way to get a nice straight-on-grain edge. This piece is about 9" by 70" or so.
Fold and press 1/4" hem allowance on both short ends. Hem with a straight stitch, though it doesn't matter since this is a temporary hanging sleeve.
Seam along the long edge to make a long tube.
Grab some of those basting pins and get ready to pin.
I marked the middle of the sleeve with my pen and pinned it from the center out about 2" from the top of the quilt. I pinned all the way through the quilt to make sure those pins had enough bite to carry the load of the quilt. It wouldn't do to have the pins tear the backing just for a photo. The camera can't see the pins at distance.
When I pinned it, I failed to leave any room in the hanging sleeve so the quilt didn't hang as neatly as I'd like. I'll press the temporary hanging sleeve the next time I use it to leave room for the rod when I hang the quilt. Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome. It was quicker than attaching a permanent hanging sleeve and I can use it again and again for photographing my quilts. Quilt design Allietare by Bonnie Hunter.

Day 27 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge.

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