Friday, July 21, 2017

Aunt Betty is a Knitter

I wanted to share at least one more project made with some of the yarn from Aunt Betty If you don't know who Aunt Betty is, you should totally go check out this great video by Professor Pincushion. It is worth the four or five minutes of your time.
Look at all this awesome yarn!
I've been letting some modifications to the basic shape of the Wingspan design bump around in my head. This is what finally fell out. If you have some ombre yarn and want to try out this fun shape, I recommend you check out the Wingspan e-Book on Ravelry. The e-book includes four patterns and loads of information on how to design your own shawl with the information you find inside the e-Book. Easy short rows and garter stitch make for a fast and fun project.
This is more of a shawlette made with two skeins of worsted weight wool/silk blend. I should have used larger needles but the blocking opened it up nicely. I think I need to make another, or two. I wonder how it would be to add some lace to the long edge. Oh, the wheels keep turning.

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