Monday, July 3, 2017

Afternoon Walks

Not all of these are from my almost-daily afternoon walks, but many are. This hydrangea is from my front garden. Buying a house always brings surprises and sometimes they are delightful. I love the many things that pop up in my front garden.
I wouldn't have noticed this pair on my afternoon walk one day if that fawn hadn't been frisking around in the woods. When they saw me, the doe bolted and the fawn was fast on her heels.
Those deer weren't far from a berry patch along the road. They aren't quite ripe, yet. I'm certain the birds and the deer will get the ripe berries before I even know there are any.
I could have thrown a piece of wadded up paper and hit this buck. These photos are taken within the suburbs of Alexandria, VA, so the deer have more to fear from a car than a person. I don't crowd the animals and they do move off quickly. They just aren't as skittish as those you might find in the farm country of New York state.
This one was a little closer to home. There are a couple flower patches on the corner near a local public school. Not all the flowers bloom at the same time, so I can get fun shots like this one throughout the summer.
These were at a local park in Maryland.
This little rabbit is another wild thing living inside the confines of a suburban neighborhood. More skittish than the deer, but cars are still likely their greatest threat.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of the flora and fauna of your neighborhood.


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