Monday, July 24, 2017

In the Mail Monday

I finally used up the last of the Heat'n Bond featherweight I ordered by accident a couple years ago to make t-shirt quilts. It worked really well for interfacing bag linings so I decided it was time to order some more. Once I decide I like a product, I no longer buy it by the yard. I buy the bolt so I always have it on hand.
I didn't want to have an basket with only on thing in it, so I grabbed a couple other things. The New Quick & Easy Block Tool! because I like new books and block options. And a Star Hex Key Wrench set because I hate not being able to open up my sewing machine and I didn't have a set that could reach into those recessed openings and reach the screws.

At some point I should spend some time reviewing some of these books I get, because I do seem to get so many and never tell you what I think about them.
I also received my latest collection of thread from Superior Threads.

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