Monday, July 31, 2017

Row by Row: Golden State Quilting

While in California to see family, I convinced Darling Husband he should take me to a couple quilt shops. The Row by Row Experience is a fun way to learn about new shops and support small businesses all around the country and the world. Their map works with the application (I am a Google phone user) on your phone to help you plan your shopping trip. I added each one as a stop in a logical order to get us around to the shops I wanted to stop at.
It is possible I got carried away with the shopping. I'll share each of the rows as I go through them and share a link (when available) to each of the shops. I had a great time looking around these shops and I intend to make a quilt with the rows to commemorate the trip to California.
I started the sewing journey with this fun row from Golden State Quilting. I purchased kits at each shop I visited and sometimes a little more. This kind of shop hop is great to get people to try new shops and I like to support small shops when I can.
The row is all raw-edge applique and I really enjoyed putting the row together. There is so much detail in this block that I'm not going to stitch around all those shapes before quilting. I don't think the finished quilt will get so much use and washing to worry about it. I'm certain the fusible and the quilting will be enough to hold it all together.

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