Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Get It Done UFO Challenge 2018 Wrap Up

This is the last installment of the Get It Done UFO Challenge 2018.

In January I shared the list of my UFO projects for the Spring Water Designs challenge. This year I can proudly say I finished every single project on the list. If you want to see how Spring Water Designs does their challenge, check it out on their blog.

I wanted to start off the new year with the list so you can see how much can be accomplished in a year if you set some goals. 

Green Hourglass COMPLETED March 2018 - finish constructing blocks, trim, assemble into top, quilt and bind. This quilt was gifted in 2018.
Carpenter's Star COMPLETED June 2018 - Top constructed, quilted and bound.
Quilter's Quest 2014 COMPLETED May 2018 - this one just didn't get finished in 2017. Quilted and bound. 
Flying Geese Bee quilt COMPLETED April 2018 - Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild Bee Block swap units. Assembled top, quilted and bound.
Oasis Charm COMPLETED January 2018 - tumbler, assembled top. Quilted and bound. This quilt was gifted in 2018. 
Batik Curve COMPLETED May 2018 - curved and improv piecing experiment. Continued the experiment until it became a quilt top. Quilted and bound
Weed Whacker COMPLETED February 2018 - Bonnie Hunter free pattern used to use up some of the 2.5" strips I've been collecting to excess. Constructed blocks, assembled top. Quilted and bound. This quilt went to help victims of the fires in California.  
Batik Churning Fourteen - COMPLETED June 2018. Quilted and bound.
On Ringo Lake COMPLETED March 2018 - Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, finished units and assembled top. Quilted and bound before November when the next mystery quilt started. 
Sissy's Quilt COMPLETED March 2018 - 1930s reproduction print quilt. Top constructed. Quilted and bound. This quilt wast gifted in 2018.  
Cherry Christmas COMPLETED December 2018 - this tumbler quilt top was constructed as number 3 for 2017 UFO challengeQuilted and bound.
Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild COMPLETED March 2018 Mystery Quilt - Quilted and bound. 

These are not the only quilts I completed during 2018. They are only a sample of what I accomplished. These were solid goals I set at the beginning of the year and for the most part I managed to stay on track. I don't have a dozen unfinished projects waiting to be finished in 2019, so I will have to make my own list instead of depending on Spring Water Designs

My real goal for 2019 is to not buy fabric and add it to my collection. I plan on keeping track of the yardage that comes into the studio so I can try to work through some of the fabric I already own. The only caveat is that backing fabric doesn't count? Why? well because a quilt will never be finished if I don't buy backing. 

Did you set yourself goals for 2018 and meet them? Is goal setting part of your process? I'd love to hear how you stay on task. 

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  1. These are fabulous finishes! I really love the BMQ mystery quilt. For me, I have a spreadsheet with all of my WIPs and it helps me keep track of where things are with each project. I find that the thing that often bogs me down is when I need to buy something to finish a step or project -- I put it away because I don't have what I need to finish it, and then get fixated on other things!


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