Saturday, June 20, 2015

Charity Quilting: Counting Quilts

Today is the June meeting of Annapolis Quilts for Kids.  If you are local and interested in joining us please head to the blog for the location and time.

Sometime in May someone on Instagram asked how many quilts were in my house.  I won't be shy, I have many.  How many?  On that day I counted 60 finished quilts.  Eight of them were destined for Annapolis Quilts for Kids.  This brought me to the question of how many quilts have I finished this year?  I think this is a fair question, so I'm going to try to answer it.  I'm also going to put a running count in my sidebar.  This post will cover the charity quilts I have made or just quilted.
January 2015
I did a review of my blog since January 2015.  I counted 22 quilts quilted for Annapolis Quilts for Kids.  Of those, I pieced six of those quilts myself.  The rest were pieced by other members of Quilts for Kids.
February 2015
I always set my goal at four per month.  I think this is a realistic goal.  I should be able to fit in at least one crib quilt per week.  I take a bag overflowing with quilts to the meeting and walk away with another four, or five, or six quilts.  By the next meeting I've filled the bag with quilted work.
May 2015
I've heard plenty of people say that quilting is their therapy.  I fully believe in this.  I think everyone deserves to have play in thier lives.  Play that allows them to decompress, express themselves or just plain have fun.  I find this decompression and expression in quilting.  I also find it in simple sewing, or knitting, or crochet.
June 2015
There is no one way to get this in your life.  Draw, paint, weave, just do something that you love.  You don't have to do it every day.  You don't have to do it for longer than 10-15 minutes.  I do believe that doing it will make you happier, whatever your play is.  Find that 10-15 minutes of play and fit it into your life.  You can do it!

Pieced and quilted by me :  6
Pieced by others and quilted by me:  16
Total charity quilt count for 2015:  22

This isn't a competition.  I'm not winning and no one is losing.  This is about making something that brings you happiness and brings warmth and comfort to the recipient.

What is your play?

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