Friday, June 19, 2015

The Bitchy Stitcher and Clever Notions

I've mentioned The Bitchy Stitcher a couple times.  She makes me giggle (and maybe even snort).  She is smart and funny and no-nonsense about quilting.  I love these things about her.  She even wrote a book about how funny quilting is.  A few months ago she put out a call on Facebook for volunteers to test her virgin foray into pattern writing.  I'll admit, I'm not a pattern person.  I like to go my own way.  On the other hand... I wanted to do this so much it hurt.  I threw my name in the virtual hat.  I was pleasantly surprised when I was chosen.
Step one was to pull out a bunch of fabrics.  (I've been on a fabric diet this year.  I have self-imposed a rule that I cannot buy fabric to add to my stash or for new projects.  I am allowed to buy backing fabrics because that is the only way quilts are finished.)  That means I can file this quilt under Sew My Stash 2015!  I'm calling it a win!
I started with a yellow solid for the background and then started digging in my bin of batiks.  I've pulled three quilts (including this one) out of my bins and boxes of batik fabrics.  This is why I'm on a diet.
I stitched up the required number of blocks.  These blocks are really fun to put together and go together quickly.
Sadly, I still do not have a design wall.  I just don't have the room (or an appropriate wall) in my sewing space.  I've been using a design floor for a while so I suppose I can do it a little longer.  This quilt is big!  This photo doesn't show all the rows.
I love the way the blocks march across the quilt.  The block is easy to piece but it makes a big impact.  I'm still thinking of other ways I can use this block.  Keep an eye out for this block in other projects.
With all that yellow I have the perfect quilting thread.  Top thread is So Fine #50 and the bobbin thread is Omni; both threads are from Superior Threads.
I loved the area of negative space.  It was a perfect way to use some different quilting.
I love the texture that the swirl hook provides but I always seem to stitch it so small.  This means the quilting seems to take forever.  Totally worth it, though.
The final lap!
Here it is fresh off the frame.
With the dense quilting I ended up trimming just a tiny bit more than usual.
A quilt like this deserves an awesome label.  (DISCLAIMER:  Megan named the pattern Daryl, I named my quilt Blooming.)
Scrappy binding is the best!
Some outdoor lighting and the pattern release inspired me to run out in the yard and take some better photos.
The sun was setting so the colors aren't washed out but they do read a little closer to true.  Sorry about the creases, I've been keeping this one under wraps for a few weeks.
I had to work to get a good photo of the entire quilt.  My lawn is a little shaggy, but the quilt is amazing!

I'm super pleased with the finished quilt.  I recommend you check out this pattern and others from The Bitchy Stitcher.  At the very least you should pick up a copy of her wonderful book Quilting Isn't Funny.  Because quite honestly, it is.

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  1. I like this quilt. Would be a great quilt for Annapolis Quilts For Kids if done in primary colors.

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  3. I love your quilt and just ordered the pattern. I'll send you a pic of my finished one. It's about 15th on my list. I'm off for the summer so I hope to chip away and knock out at least 8. M.


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