Friday, June 12, 2015

Embroidered Hearty Good Wishes

There is a very special lady that I met through Instagram. She is cheeky and fun and inspires me to do all sorts of fun projects. During some swap or another she mentioned her love of the Moda fabric line by Janet Clare called Hearty Good Wishes.
I had some leftovers of this from another project so I pulled them out and got cracking.  I wanted to make a notebook cover that incorporated fabrics from the line and some nautical-themed machine embroidery.
I chose this beautiful nautical rose design from Urban Threads.  I love their designs and this one was perfect.  I chose a dark blue that is almost black to work with the scraps of the fabrics.  While the design was stitching out I was pressing a sewing my scraps into something like a piece of fabric.
I did very minimal, straight-line quilting for this project.  It didn't need to be detailed and I didn't want to take away from the embroidery.  I used So Fine! #50 from Superior Threads for the quilting and piecing.
For a cover that was quickly planned I'm really pleased with the finished product.  This cover was designed to fit the Moleskine Cashier Journal, size large = 5.2" by 8.3".
So proud I put my name in the back flap.
This right here is the best part of this entire project.  The thank you note I got from Weenachaweena.  I told you she is awesome!

An an unrelated note, I recommend you go check out Cheryl's recent blog post about how she deals with her jealousy of others.  I suffer from some of this and have to remind myself that nothing is easy or free.  It is a good read and I recommend you take a read.   (In case you've never heard of Cheryl, she is the amazing mind behind  She posts weekly videos on various products and amazes me with all the things she does.)

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