Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Embroidered Composition Book Cover

I've shared posts about embroidered bags, embroidered clothing and embroidered hand towels.  Today let's look at a custom cover for a composition book.
The composition book is a great way to keep notes on all sorts of things.  But how do you keep someone else from picking your composition book up from the table and walking off with it?  You get a custom cover that no one else has.  These make great gifts for that note-taker, list-maker or doodler in your life.  I really like the graph notebooks for quilt design on the move.
First, go to Urban Threads or another embroidery designer and find a good embroidery.  Since this one is for the game master for a table-top role-playing game set in a fantasy world I thought the dragon and swords design would be good.  Don't think you have to have an embroidery machine to make something like this.  Urban Threads has loads and loads of designs that are also released in hand-embroidery.  Their designs are great for so many things and they aren't not about teddy bears and flowers.  Don't want to try embroidery?  You can piece the cover or even print out blocks on your inkjet printer.
I create all my notebook covers using my own pattern developed through trial and many errors.  Even this one needed a little ripping before it was done.  The cover is made with four pieces.  One continuous piece for the outside, two end pieces (this is where I sometimes add a pocket or pen holder) and the lining.  When complete, there are no raw edges on the outside and I think the cover holds up really well over time.
If I was really worried about the edges coming unraveled I would take a run around the outside edge after sewing it all together with a zig-zag stitch or with the serger.
I think I used fusible fleece for this one.  If you wanted to use regular batting and some quilting that would work, too.  I've also made these using flannel as the backing for the outer cover.
I embroidered a signature and a name inside the back cover before assembly.
Add one composition book.
Gift and hope the GM remembers it and doesn't try to kill you and the rest of the party.

There are loads of notebook cover tutorials out there in the world.  Maybe someday I'll get around to writing a tutorial for this one like I did for the scoodie, the zippered dice bag and cloth napkins.


  1. How fun! I made a cover for the book I bring to church for notes and it is nice to look at something I made in the Lord's house!

  2. My twin grandsons would love your dragon. It turned out great.


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